Loan Documents for Small Loans

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The following loan documents should be used in connection with Small Loan transactions.

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Each document is presented as a Microsoft® Word file. To view or download the document, left click on the link to open and/or save the file.

4318 Acceptable State Superlien Statutes
4506C  Amended and Restated Replacement Reserve and Security Agreement
4361 Annual Mortgage Account Statement and Tax and Insurance Statement Requirements
236 Application for Partial Release
1050A Appraisal Report
1050A-Instructions Instructions for Preparing Form 1050A, Appraisal Report
4509 Assignment of Collateral Agreements and Other Loan Documents
4508 Assignment of Management Agreement
4520 Assumption and Release Agreement
4522 Assumption and Release Agreement (Key Principle)
1055 Authorization for Automatic Transfer of Funds
4347 Borrower's Suggested Key Principals
4362 Casualty Loss Procedures
4338 Certification to Project Rent Roll
487 Collateral Agreement Custodial Account Analysis
4352 Comparison of Same Month Pooling Delivery and Standard Delivery
4505 Completion/Repair and Security Agreement
4366 Completion/Repair Requisition for Funds Requirements
276 Custody Document Transmittal
4340 Environmental Questionnaire
4364 Example of Yield Maintenance Calculation - Partial Prepayment
4501 series Exceptions to Non-Recourse Guaranty (use State specific form)
4349 Financial Statement Requirements
4328 General Requirements for Developing Expense Estimates
461 Ground Lease Analysis
4326 Ground Lease Requirements
4315 Instructions for Obtaining Title Insurance
4327A Instructions for PNA
4541 Insurance Loss Proceeds Collateral Agreement
4330 Lender File Retention Requirements
2051 Letter of Authorization for Multifamily Collateral Agreement Custodial Account
2050 Letter of Authorization for Multifamilly P&I Custodial Account
2052 Letter of Authorization for Multifamilly T&I Custodial Account
2040 Monthly Payment/Rate Change
4302 Mortgage Loan Delivery Package Table of Contents
4303 Instructions for Preparation of Mortgage Loan Delivery Package
4304 Mortgage Loan Terms
4254 Multifamily Financial Analysis of Operations Report
4100 or State specific where applicable with Schedules
Multifamily Note (Non-Recourse)
[Schedules A/B to Note (if applicable)]
4100-R or State specific where applicable with Schedules
Multifamily Note (Recourse)
[Schedules A/B to Note (if applicable)]
4348 Multifamily Ownership and Loan History Statement
4255 Multifamily Physical Inspection and Evaluation Report
400X - State specific with applicable Exhibits
(Security Instruments)
Multifamily Security Instruments
[Exhibit B, Modifications to Instrument (if applicable)]
4342 Operations and Maintenance Agreement and Plan (Asbestos)
4341 Operations and Maintenance Agreement and Plan (Lead Paint)
4502 series Payment Guaranty (use State specific form)
4327 Physical Needs Assessment
485 Principal and Interest Custodial Account Analysis
4336 Property and Liability Insurance Warranty
4363 Property Inspection and Evaluation Report
4335 Property, Liability and Other Insurance Requirements
473A Reconciliation of LASER Interest Rate/ Pass-through Rate
473 Reconciliation of LASER Mortgage Portfolio
571 Reimbursement Request
4346 REIT as Borrower Issues
4506 Replacement Reserve Agreement
4506A Replacement Reserve Agreement
4506B Replacement Reserve Agreement
4367 Replacement Reserve Requisition for Funds Requirements
178 Report of Multifamily Hazard Insurance Loss
4368 Report Transactions
2009 Request for Release of Documents
4350 Sample of a Prospectus Supplement
4351 Sample of Schedule A to Prospectus Supplement
4323 Seismic Risk Critical Components List
4360 Servicer File Retention Requirements
4507 Subordination Agreement
4510 Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement
486 Tax and Insurance Custodial Account Analysis
4316 Title Insurance Policy Requirements
4317 Title Insurer Rating Agencies and Ratings
4345 Trust as Borrower Issues

Important Legal Notice
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