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Grant a User Access to an Application

This section explains how to enable a user's access to a specific Fannie Mae Technology application.

  1. On the Home Page, click the Manage Users link.

  2. The Manage Users screen appears.  In the Search, enter the desired search criteria and search value, then click Search.

  3. Click the Active Users panel where the user's record was found, then select the user record.

  4. Click the Available Applications I Manage panel, then click the application you want to assign to the user.

  5. The Set Up User Access screen appears.  In the Roles section, select the role(s) you want to assign to the user, then click Add.

    Note:  If the Roles section does not appear on the screen, you can proceed to the next step.

  6. In the Data Folder section, select which data folder(s) the user will be able to access, then click Add.

  7. Click Submit.
  8. An Alert box appears.  Click Confirm to save your changes.

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