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Edit Your Profile

Log In to Technology Manager

  1. Go to

    Note:  Alternatively, you can go to the Technology Manager page on the Fannie Mae Single Family Business Website and click the Launch App button.

  2. The Technology Manager Log In screen appears. Enter the user ID and password you received from Fannie Mae, then click Login.


Note:  If you need assistance with your User ID or Password, click the Need help with your user ID or password link below the Login button.

  1. The Edit My Profile screen appears. From the Edit My Password screen you can update your contact and security information and you may be able to reset the password you use to access Technology Manager and other Fannie Mae technology applications you may access.

Note:  If the Password is Managed by Administrator Only field is No, you can manage your own password. If it is Yes, only your Company’s designated Administrator can manage your password. Please note that if the password is managed by the Administrator only, then the Fannie Mae help desk cannot assist you with password resets.

Edit Contact Information

The top section of the Edit My Profile screen contains your contact information. All information, excluding the User, User Group ID and System ID, can be edited. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required fields and cannot be left blank. Make changes in the screen as your contact information changes.

  1. From the Edit My Profile screen, edit the desired information.

  1. Click Submit  to save your changes.

Note: Update your E-mail and Work Phone information as these change. Up-to-date information is necessary for successful password resets.

Edit Security Information

The Security Information section of the Edit My Profile screen contains your password and security information that is used when you request assistance from a Fannie Mae representative. If your organization has chosen to manage users' passwords for your user group or your entire organization, you will need a Corporate Administrator or User Administrator to manage your password. If passwords for your user group or organization are not managed by an administrator, you  can change manage your own password. You can determine your permissions to administer your password by checking your Password Administration Information. This section explains how to manage your password and security information.

Change Your Password

The date your password will expire is shown in the Security information. Change your password before this date to ensure uninterrupted access.

  1. From the Security Information section of the Edit My Profile screen, click the Change Password link. The Change Password screen appears.

  2.  Answer the security question in the first field, then enter your current password.
  3. Using the guidelines on the screen, enter your new password in the last two fields. Remember that the password you first enter is case sensitive. Click Submit to save the password.

Note:  After changing your password, please wait approximately 10 minutes before accessing Fannie Mae technology applications with the new password.

Change Your PIN

You can change your PIN at any time. You will need the PIN if you are administrator-managed or if you have a public email domain (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and you need to reset your password. However, if you are set up for self-serve password management, you will not need to know your PIN to reset your password.


  1. From the Security Information section of the Edit My Profile screen, click on the Show PIN link to reveal your PIN.  

  1. Change your PIN and click Submit.

Edit Your Security Information

In addition to your PIN, the answer to the security question on your profile is also required to reset your password. You can edit your questions at any time.

  1. From the Security Information section of the Edit My Profile screen, click the Edit Security Information link.

  2. The Edit Security Information screen appears. Select the desired security question, enter your Security Answer and verify it. Remember, that the Security Answer that you first entered is case sensitive.

  3. Click Submit to save your changes.

Note: If you try resetting your password using a new User ID for which a security question and answer have not been set up, you will get an error indicating that the User ID is invalid.  In this case, contact your Administrator to have the password reset. You will be sent an email with instructions to reset your password. The email will also have you establish a security question/answer to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Typically the email will take 5 minutes to be delivered, however with various network response times, it could take up to 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes you still have not received the link, check your Spam folder and verify that your email address is correct in your profile, then contact the Technology Support Center (1-800-2FANNIE). The link in the password reset email you receive expires at midnight the same calendar day it is received.  

Password Administrator Information

Your company configuration determines how user passwords are administered. The Password Administrator Information section of the Edit My Profile screen reflects the password administration settings.

If the Password is Managed by Administrator Only field is set to No, both you and administrators can reset your password, unless your email is a public email domain (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). If it is Yes, or if your email is a public email domain, then your  password must be reset by an administrator. See also, possible scenarios for the password reset process.

If there is an email address populated in the Password Administrator Email field, then the password reset email link or new user email link will be sent to the User’s email address maintained in your profile unless the Password Managed by Admin Only flag is set to Yes, in which case the email will be sent to the Administrator.


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