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Technology Manager User Roles

All Fannie Mae customers in all customer segments can use Technology Manager.  An individual can either have access as an End User (external technology user) or as an Administrator.

There are two types of Administrators: Corporate Administrators (CA) and User Administrators (UA). Each administrator has a set of permissions that identifies application(s), user group(s) and data folder(s) that can be assigned to users by that administrator.

Some companies may choose one individual to manage all users, while others may set up a hierarchical structure of administrators.  Regardless of the structure your company chooses, your own view of Technology Manager will list only those organizations, branch organizations, users, data folders, and applications that you are authorized to manage.

Your organization determines which role a person may have.   

  •  Corporate Administrators have the ability to set up applications, data folders, user groups, users, and company configuration. These people also have signatory authority, serving as company representatives authorized to bind the company legally to the terms and conditions of use for Fannie Mae technology.

Note: Individuals designated as Corporate Administrators have the ability to legally bind your company by signing and submitting requests and terms and conditions for technology applications until Fannie Mae receives a signed Technology Manager Administrator Registration Request directing that their status as a Corporate Administrator be terminated. Corporate Administrators will be the recipients of bulletins to your company’s Software Subscription Agreement with Fannie Mae.

  •  User Administrators have the ability to set up and manage users' profiles and passwords, and access to Fannie Mae technology applications.
  •  End Users have access to Fannie Mae technology applications, but are not administrators.  Depending on the organization's password management settings, end users may be able to reset their passwords and update their profiles.


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