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Bulk Upload of Loan Files or Documents

Loan Files and/or documents can be uploaded using Loan Quality Connect's drag-and-drop feature. Before uploading, however, you must name each file according to a standardized format that includes the Fannie Mae loan number, followed by an underscore (_) and a description of the information the file contains. See Document Upload Naming Convention for a listing of Loan Quality Connect allowable document names.

Follow these steps to perform a bulk upload:

Note: The loan file naming convention for submitting loan files via the bulk upload function is always tied to a Fannie Mae loan number. There are multiple ways to upload the loan file and here are a few examples on how these files can be named:

  FannieMae Loan Number_lendername (1123456789_xyzbank.PDF) OR

  FannieMae Loan Number_lenderloannumber (1123456789_32145.PDF) OR

  FannieMae Loan Number_LoanFile (1123456789_LoanFile.PDF)

    1. After logging in to Loan Quality Connect, click Bulk Document Upload on the left menu.
      The Bulk Document upload screen appears, with the Document Upload tab active.

      Bulk Document Upload Screen
    2. Click anywhere in the Drop files here section of the screen.

      Drop files here section of screen

      The Choose File to Upload window opens.

    3. Click a .pdf file – or hold down your Shift key to select multiple files – and drag them to the Drop files here portion of the screen. Click the Start Upload button.

      Drag files to Drop files here
    4. The Information window displays, confirming the upload was successful.

      Processing Complete with No Errors

      It will also notify you when there are pending actions you must take or errors that hinder the upload.

      Bulk Upload Status/Error Message
    5. If notified to do so, select the Pending Actions and/or Errors as appropriate. Review and remedy the issues and, if necessary, re-upload the file.

      Bulk Upload Error Screen
    6. Click Processed to view the time and date files were uploaded.

      Bulk Upload Processed Tab
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