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Uploading DVC Data Defect or Adjustment Documentation

All documents requested by the Data Validation Center (DVC) team and those you want to submit to support the rational to rebut a DVC data defect or adjustment can be uploaded in Loan Quality Connect. Once uploaded, you will receive immediate validation that the upload was successful and accepted by the system.

Follow these steps to upload documentation after logging in to Loan Quality Connect:

  1. Click DVC Response Queue, and then click the BI card for the service level agreement (SLA) category you want to work on.

    DVC Response Queue

    In the example, loans with a DVC Initial Lender Action Requested, Outside SLA status populate the search result area under the BI cards.

  2. Click the loan of your choice, and then click View – or simply double click the loan – to open the Loan Details page and perform further actions on that loan.

    Select Loan and Click View

    The Loan Details page opens, defaulting to the Summary screen.

    Loan Details Screen

  3. Click the Documents tab, and then Upload Additional Document.

    Click Documents > Upload Additional Document
    The Upload Document window opens.

    DVC Upload Document Window

  4. Select the Category and Type of document you want to upload from the drop-down menus.

    Select Document Category
    Asset is selected in our example. This causes the Type drop-down menu to populate with options relevant to the Asset category.

    Select Document Type

  1. Enter a description of the document in the Description text field.

  1. Click Browse, and then select the file you want to upload. Follow document naming conventions when uploading documents at the loan level. The naming conventions need to be followed for Bulk Uploads only. Follow guidance provided in Document Naming Conventions.

    Click Browse and Select File

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