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Updating Email Notification Contacts

Loan Quality Connect is designed to foster improved speed and efficiency in communication. In the Loan Quality Connect application you have real time updates, status, and communications while logged into the system. However, we recognize that some individuals may still prefer to receive email notifications.

Loan Quality Connect can send email notifications to individuals fulfilling different roles in your company to alert them to various events within the system.

The email contacts that existed in Quality Assurance System (QAS) have automatically been moved to Loan Quality Connect. Should you find that any contact information is incorrect, please email

Note: If you elect to sign up for email notifications, managing the email contacts and keeping the contact list up to date are important tasks.

Types of Email Notifications

The notification categories in QAS have been simplified in Loan Quality Connect as follows:

  • Initial Loan File and Missing Document Request

  • Second Request for Loan File(s)

  • Canceled Document/Loan File Request

  • Loan Quality Defect Notification issued

  • Initial Resolution Request

  • Resolution Reaffirm

  • Resolution Second Reaffirm

  • Resolution Rescind

  • Late Delivery Decision - Approved Late Delivery Decision - Declined

Updating Contacts/Notifications

Follow these steps to update contact information with Fannie Mae:

  1. Write an email to to request the update.

  2. Include the following information for each individual that will be added, removed, or assigned a different notification:

  1. Requested action (i.e., add, update, or delete instructions)

  2. Appropriate 9-digit seller/servicer number

  3. First name

  4. Last name

  5. Email address

  6. Phone number

  7. Notification role (i.e., one of the following)

    • Responsible Party Follow Up Document Request: This contact type will receive reminder notifications on a previously requested missing document.

    • Responsible Party Initial Loan File Request: This contact type will receive the first request for the loan file.

    • Responsible Party Notification: This contact type will receive the first notification of a missing document after Fannie Mae receives the initial loan file.

    • Responsible Party Repurchase Request: This contact type will receive notification of any resolution requests, including Loan Quality Defect Notices and Repurchase Alternatives.

    • Responsible Party Other: This contact type will receive any correspondence from the Data Validation Center (DVC).

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