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Creating Bulk Self Reports/Voluntary Repurchase Requests

When you log in to Loan Quality Connect as a Remediation Specialist or Manager, you have the ability to create multiple Self Reports or Voluntary Repurchase Requests from a single screen. You accomplish this by first creating an Excel spreadsheet, following a template with specific Self Report or Voluntary Repurchase Request data fields, and then uploading the Excel spreadsheet into Loan Quality Connect.

Create Your Spreadsheet

Below is an example of the Excel spreadsheet template needed for bulk uploading Self Reports and Voluntary Repurchase Requests. It is important that each of the data column headings in row 1 is labeled as shown and that there are no blank fields in a data row. Each row represents a single Self Report or Voluntary Repurchase Reqeust.

Bulk Self Report/Voluntary Repurchase Bulk Upload Spreadsheet

Label the column headings as follows:

  • Column A: FM#
  • Column B: Lender Ln#
  • Column C: Name
  • Column D: Note Date
  • Column E: Description
  • Column F: Type
  • Column G: Reason
  • Column H: Category
  • Column I: Sub-category
  • Column J: Defect

Create Bulk Self Reports/Voluntary Repurchases in Loan Quality Connect

Follow these steps after logging in to Loan Quality Connect as a Remediation Specialist or Manager:

  1. Select Lender Self Report from the left navigation menu.

    Select Lender Self Report
    The Lender Self Report screen appears.
  2. Click Create Bulk Self Reports.

    Select Bulk Create Self Reports
    The Select Lender window opens, displaying a list of possible lenders.
  3. Select a lender you are submitting the Self Report or Voluntary Repurchase Request on behalf of.

    Select the Lender Name
    The Bulk Lender Self Report window opens.
  4. Select Browse to open the Choose File to Upload directory on your hard drive.

    Bulk Lender Self Report Window
  5. Select the Lender Self Report Spreadsheet file you created earlier in this job aid, and then click Open.

    Select File and Click Open
    The directory path appears in the Select Import File text box.
  6. You can also upload supporting documentation by opening the Document Type drop-down menu and making a selection.

    Select Supporting Document > Document Type Drop-Down Menu
  7. Click Import.

    Click Import
    The Import Results window opens to confirm the bulk upload was successful.
  8. You can see the number of Self Reports or Voluntary Repurchase Requests that were successfully created. If there are errors, they will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

    Import Results Window
  9. Click Close to complete the bulk upload and return to the Lender Self Report screen where you started the process.


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