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Published June 13, 2018

Part E: Default-Related Legal Services, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Proceedings, and Acquired Properties

This part describes default-related legal services, bankruptcy, foreclosure proceedings, and acquired properties.

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Guide Resources

  • E-1: Referring Default-Related Legal Matters and Non-Routine Litigation to Law Firms

    This chapter describes referring default-related legal matters and non-routine litigation to law firms.
  • E-2: Managing Bankruptcy Proceedings

    This chapter describes managing bankruptcy proceedings.
  • E-3: Managing Foreclosure Proceedings

    This chapter describes managing foreclosure proceedings.
  • E-4: Managing Acquired Properties

    This chapter describes managing acquired properties.
  • E-5: Requesting Reimbursement for Expenses Associated with Default-Related Legal Matters

    This chapter describes requesting reimbursement for default-related expenses.