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Published November 13, 2019

D2-2-01: Achieving Quality Right Party Contact with a Borrower (11/14/2018)

This topic contains information on achieving quality right party contact with a borrower.

QRPC is a uniform standard for communicating with the borrower, co-borrower, or a trusted advisor (collectively referred to as “borrower”) about resolution of the mortgage loan delinquency. The servicer must make every attempt to achieve QRPC. The purpose of QRPC is to

  • determine the reason for the delinquency and whether it is temporary or permanent in nature,

  • determine the occupancy status of the property,

  • determine whether or not the borrower has the ability to repay the mortgage loan debt,

  • educate the borrower on the availability of workout options, as appropriate, and

  • obtain a commitment from the borrower to resolve the delinquency.

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