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Published July 10, 2019

D1-4.3-01: Transfers of Ownership on FHA and VA Mortgage Loans (11/08/2017)

This topic contains information on transfers of ownership on FHA and VA mortgage loans.

The servicer must evaluate and process the transfer of ownership for an FHA or VA mortgage loan in compliance with applicable regulations and procedures. When a transfer of ownership occurs for an FHA or VA mortgage loan that is not subject to a due-on-sale provision, the servicer must notify the applicable property insurance companies, tax authorities, FHA or VA (as applicable), and any other interested parties. If the new borrower does not provide his or her own property insurance policy, the servicer must request the insurer to prepare an endorsement to the existing property insurance policy to name the new borrower.

The servicer must follow the procedures in Completing a Transfer of Ownership in F-1-18, Processing a Transfer of Ownership for detailed requirements related to executing the assumption (or assumption and release) agreement.

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