Servicing Guide

Published June 12, 2019

C-4.1-01: Notifying Credit Repositories (11/12/2014)

The following table outlines the servicer’s responsibilities related to credit bureau reporting for mortgage loans that Fannie Mae holds in its portfolio or in an MBS.

The servicer must...

Provide a complete and accurate “full-file” status report for all mortgage loans to each of the four major credit repositories describing the exact status of each mortgage loan as of the last day of each month in accordance with credit bureau requirements as provided by the Consumer Data Industry Association.

Statuses that must be reported include the following:

  • new originations;

  • current mortgage loans;

  • delinquent mortgage loans, including 30–, 60–, 90+ day delinquencies, forbearances, modifications; and

  • liquidated mortgage loans, including short sales, Mortgage Releases, foreclosures, law enforcement property seizures and forfeitures under applicable state or federal law, and charge offs.

Verify the appropriate codes for full-file reporting with each of the four major credit repositories since each repository may use different codes for identifying the same mortgage loan statuses.

The servicer must follow all procedures in Reporting to Credit Repositories in F-1-24, Reporting to Third Parties as well as “CDIA Mortgage and Home Equity Reporting Guidelines in Response to Current Financial Conditions” for further information and instructions.