Servicing Guide

Published July 10, 2019

B-5-02: Uninsured Loss Events (12/13/2017)

When a natural disaster or other event results in an uninsured loss to the property, the servicer must take the steps listed in the following table.

Step Servicer Action

Determine the damage.


If the property is abandoned, secure it in accordance with the requirements for a property in foreclosure in E-3.2-12, Performing Property Preservation During Foreclosure Proceedingsand the Property Preservation Matrix and Reference Guide.


Develop plans to repair the property.


Assist the borrower in filing for any disaster relief that may be available in accordance with D1-3-01, Evaluating the Impact of a Disaster Event and Assisting a Borrower.


If the damage is extensive, offer the borrower any reasonable forbearance plan or mortgage loan modification agreement the borrower requests in accordance with Section D2–3.2, Home Retention Workout Options.

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