Servicing Guide

Published April 10, 2019

A4-2.1-06: Adverse Action Notification Certification (06/10/2015)

The servicer is authorized to provide a sample adverse action notice and certify using the Adverse Action Notification Certification (Form 183) that it has a process to send the text pre-approved by Fannie Mae for every adverse action notice that is sent in accordance with the requirements of Evaluating a Borrower for Imminent Default for Conventional Mortgage Loan Modification Eligibility in D2-1-01, Determining if the Borrower’s Mortgage Payment is in Imminent Default. The servicer must send the sample adverse action notice and completed Form 183 to Fannie Mae (see F-4-03, List of Contacts).

If the servicer chooses to certify using Form 183, the certification will remain valid until the servicer changes its notice and then must provide Fannie Mae with a new sample adverse action notice and Form 183.

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