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Published December 4, 2018

C3-4-02: Commingling Fixed-Rate Mortgages in MBS (02/23/2016)

This topic contains Fannie Mae’s policies regarding commingling fixed-rate mortgages in MBS, including:

Fixed-Rate Loan Types that May Be Commingled in the Same Pool

Fixed interest rate co-op share loans, relocation loans, loans with significant interest rate buydowns, and high-balance loans may be pooled separately under specially designated pool prefixes or may be commingled with other similar mortgages as long as they do not constitute more than 10% of the issue date UPB of the pool under a TBA-eligible prefix. If the pool has at least two or more of these features, the issue date UPB of the combination cannot exceed 15% of the UPB of the TBA pool. If the percentage exceeds 15%, non-TBA prefixes will apply. The 15% cumulative limitation does not apply to high-balance loans. For example, a TBA pool may contain 10% high-balance loans and 10% co-op share loans.

Fixed-Rate Loan Types that May Not Be Commingled in the Same Pool

The following loan types may not be commingled in the same pool:

  • Government-guaranteed and government-insured loans may not be commingled with conventional loans.

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