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Published October 2, 2019

C3-2-03: MBS Remittance Type and Selecting a Remittance Cycle (10/25/2011)

In this topic, the lender’s options with respect to remitting principal and interest on MBS pool loans are addressed, including:

MBS Pool Remittance Type

All MBS mortgages are accounted for as the scheduled/scheduled remittance type. This means that a servicer may have to advance its own funds to cover the amount Fannie Mae is due on a mortgage for which the monthly payment of principal and interest is late.

Standard Remittance Cycle

Under the standard remittance cycle, lenders remit scheduled P&I payments on the 18th of the month in which they are due from the borrowers (or, if the 18th is not a business day, on the business day preceding the 18th). Unscheduled principal payments must be remitted by the 18th of the month following collection.

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