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Published December 4, 2019

B5-1-02: High-Balance Pricing, Mortgage Insurance, Special Feature Codes, and Delivery Limitations (12/15/2015)

This topic contains information about the following aspects of high-balance mortgage loans, including:

Pricing/Loan-Level Price Adjustments

Live pricing options are provided for high-balance mortgage loan transactions in Fannie Mae’s whole loan committing application. Specific additional LLPAs apply to all high-balance mortgage loans, whether delivered under whole loan commitments or MBS contracts. High-balance mortgage loans are also subject to all other applicable LLPAs. All price adjustments are cumulative. For details, see the Loan-Level Price Adjustment (LLPA) Matrix.

Mortgage Insurance Requirements

Mortgage insurance coverage is required for high-balance mortgage loans with LTV ratios greater than 80%. Financed borrower-purchased mortgage insurance is permitted; however, the maximum gross LTV (after the inclusion of the financed premium) cannot exceed 95%.

Delivery Data Requirements Including Special Feature Codes

SFCs: Lenders must use SFC 808 when delivering high-balance mortgage loans to Fannie Mae, except for government loans and unless otherwise instructed. All other applicable SFCs must also be provided.

High-Balance Whole Loan and MBS Delivery Limitations

Fannie Mae's requirements regarding delivery limitations for nonstandard loans apply to high-balance mortgage loans. For details see C2-2-01, General Requirements for Good Delivery of Whole Loans, and C3-2-01, Determining Eligibility for Loans Pooled into MBS. Furthermore, lenders may deliver high-balance mortgage loans into a Fannie Majors TBA-eligible pool. For details, see C3-6-01, Parameters for Pooling Loans Into Fannie Majors.

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