MH Advantage™

Expanding Access to Manufactured Homes

MH Advantage is designed specifically to help buyers finance manufactured housing with features similar to site-built homes.

What Makes A Home MH Advantage Eligible?

Construction elements, including durable siding materials.

Meeting energy efficiency standards.

Options for garages, carports and other additions.

Why Participate?

More Financing, More Customers

MH Advantage offers mortgages with as little as three percent down for eligible manufactured housing, increasing demand for the houses you build.

Same Models, New Mortgage

MH Advantage was designed for the current marketplace, so homes with features like durable siding materials, options for garages or carports and energy efficiency may already be eligible.

Open to All and Fee Free

Participation is free and if you make HUD-certified manufactured housing, you're eligible. The only cost you'll see is for the stickers you'll apply to qualifying homes, which cost less than $10 each.

Get Started

Reach Out

Contact us at to get all the details.

Review and Sign the Contract

We'll send you a contract to review. Once you've finished, sign it and send it back.

You're Ready to Go

You'll get an onboarding kit with all the information you'll need to start participating.

Reach Out to Retailers

Engage with retailers to explain how MH Advantage works and how it can help them reach new homebuyers.

Participating Manufacturers

Expand to see a list of manufacturers participating in MH Advantage.

Cavco Industries, Inc.

Chariot Eagle
Fairmont Homes
Fleetwood Homes
Lexington Homes
Palm Harbor Homes

Clayton Homes, Inc.

Cavalier Home Builders, LLC
CMH Hodgeville, Inc.
CMH Manufacturing West, Inc.
Southern Energy Homes, Inc.

Commodore Homes

American Homes of Brewerton
American Homes of Dryden
American Homes of Weedsport
Hudson Valley Homes
TCC Clarion Limited Partnership

Deer Valley

Hallmark Southwest

Kit Custom HomeBuilders

Manufactured Housing Enterprises, Inc.

Oak Creek Homes, LLC

American Homestar of Lancaster, LLC
Platinum Homes, LLC

Pine Grove Homes

Skyline Champion Corporation

Champion Home Builders, Inc.
Champion Modular, Inc.
Homette Corporation
Skyline Homes, Inc.

*Parent companies in bold italics.


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