MH Advantage® for Manufacturers

Expanding Access to Manufactured Homes

MH Advantage is designed specifically to help buyers finance manufactured housing with features similar to site-built homes.

Become a Participating Manufacturer

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Review and sign the MH Advantage contract.

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MH Advantage Highlights

Better Financing

MH Advantage offers mortgages with as little as three percent down for eligible manufactured housing, increasing demand for the houses you build.

Reach New Customers

Site-built features and site-built financing will attract borrowers who might not otherwise consider manufactured housing.

Clear and Simple Lender Processes

The underwriting and origination processes are streamlined and straightforward, allowing lenders to manage their MH portfolio with greater ease and flexibility.

Reach Out to Retailers

Engage with retailers to explain how MH Advantage works and how it can help them reach new homebuyers.


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