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Cipher Retirement

Postponed to 2022

The set of encryption methods (ciphers) that Fannie Mae planned to retire on Nov. 19 in all production environments will now retire in 2022. Once the new retirement dates are determined for both the non-production and production environments, details will be posted on this page and a follow-up communication will be sent.

Why we are postponing
Within the non-production testing environment we observed instances where third-party organizations were unable to detect and connect to the stronger ciphers. As a result, we are postponing the retirement date to allow additional time to develop a solution that does not impact the ability of third-party organizations to connect with Fannie Mae URLs and/or applications.

Action you need to take
There is no immediate action your organization needs to take at this time. The Transport Layer Security (TLS)-based connections that you use to connect with Fannie Mae URLs and/or applications, either directly via the internet or through integration partners, will continue working as they do today. Once new retirement dates are determined, you will need to re-test your connections in the non-production testing environment leading up to the production environment implementation date.

Reach out to your Fannie Mae point of contact.