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Commitment to Inclusion: Our Surrogacy Assistance Program

October 21, 2021
Roberto M.
Roberto M.

Vice President, External Communications

In my younger mind, the idea of living a 'normal' life was lost the moment I uttered the words, "I'm gay." Having a child that resembled me and carried my genes was a faraway dream, but something I've always wanted.

Earlier in 2021, I started at Fannie Mae. When I received my job offer, I thoroughly reviewed the benefits package, as you do when considering an opportunity. I thought the benefits were strong and comprehensive, and was pleased to see an Adoption Assistance Program was included. But, for me, there was an omission — my future employer didn't offer surrogacy benefits. My husband and I have been actively considering having a child and, as gay men, surrogacy is our preferred method.

I shared my story and used my voice shortly after starting at Fannie Mae. I was proud to learn that, through the support and leadership of many others here, Fannie Mae is introducing a Surrogacy Assistance Program in 2022. I applaud Fannie Mae's ongoing commitment to all parents and other caregivers. The program will be available to any individual or household looking to expand their family, and like our Adoption Assistance Program, employees can receive reimbursement for eligible legal costs and attorney fees. I’m thankful to the Benefits team for driving an agenda that's aligned to our mission and values.

I told my husband the news and his eyes welled up with tears. It's hard to describe what it feels like when you realize you have a seat at the table. Inclusion is an easy word to say but much harder to achieve.

Fannie Mae's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, including our D&I programs such as Fearless programming, and ability to make a meaningful impact on society are the primary reasons I joined. It's also why it takes everyone's collective efforts to create a fairer and more equitable workplace — an environment where people can be themselves, feel seen, and don't need to apologize for who they are.

The LGBTQ+ community has come a long way, but we have much further to go. Acceptance also bears a responsibility to serve as allies and advocates for others. Today and every day, it's important we all think about those who are excluded and help raise their voices.

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