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What It’s Like to Intern at Fannie Mae: Summer 2017 – Part 2

by Jenny Luecking, Campus Recruiter

Jenny LueckingLast week, we shared part one of “What It’s Like to Intern at Fannie Mae: Summer 2017.” Read the rest of the stories interns shared about what they found most valuable during their internship!


Fannie Mae Summer Intern - RamizComing into my internship, I had a pretty limited understanding of Fannie Mae’s role aside from acting as the main provider of liquidity for the U.S. housing market. To my surprise, our impact actually travels all the way down to the individual level and to difficult housing challenges – such as playing a role in assisting tribes in Native American country achieve homeownership.

I’ve spent my time here in the Strategy, Insights, and Marketing (SIM) Customer Solutions team, where we focus on developing solutions and/or upgrading existing mortgage loan products to help more families achieve homeownership.  Through my work, I was able to gain an understanding of many different housing markets in the U.S. and their unique conditions, contribute to research that will help low-to-moderate income families keep their homes affordable by saving money through energy efficiency, and to think about alternative housing options like Manufactured Housing through our Duty to Serve initiative.  I’ve had the opportunity to interact with people of various levels of experience and found the overall atmosphere to be very inclusive and friendly.  Whether it was the weekly SIM speaker series on Wednesdays or just a chat with a colleague about an area I was interested in and wanted to learn more about, I was able to delve into a variety of topics and listen to various perspectives.  Overall, I am grateful for the experience here and will foster the relationships I’ve built and apply the skills I’ve learned in my professional career.”

–Ramiz, George Mason University – Single Family Strategy, Insights, and Marketing Intern

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - Parisa“As an Electrical Engineering major, interning at Fannie Mae has been an eye-opening experience. At such a multi-dimensional company that plays a crucial role at the heart of the housing finance industry, there are endless opportunities to learn and augment one’s skillset as a budding professional. This summer marked my third summer internship at the company, and it was exciting to be working on a team that does completely different work than the teams that I have had the privilege of working with in the past. It is invaluable to observe the unique ways in which these teams contribute to the same goal of developing innovative ways to fortify Fannie’s ability to provide liquidity to the housing industry.

This summer, I interned in Enterprise Risk Management on an Enterprise Modeling team. Being surrounded by such an intelligent, diligent, and warm-hearted team has been really motivational for me. It was my goal to learn how to program in Python this summer and get exposure to the role it can play in predictive modeling, data science, and machine learning. Many of the team members have been attending workshops on machine learning where they have been learning the basics of Python themselves. Thus, they were eager for me to present to them about what I have learned, and how they could consider implementing Python in their modeling practices. My experience under the mentorship of this Modeling team has been rewarding and memorable. I look forward to further developing the technical skills and curious mindset that I have adopted this summer when I return to school, and am eager to return to Fannie in pursuit of building a strong foundation for my professional career.”

–Parisa, University of Maryland – Enterprise Risk Management Intern 

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - Bruno“As a rising junior, double majoring in Accounting and Finance at the University of Maryland, this internship has been crucial to my professional development. It felt great to put skills that I learned in the classroom to use in a professional environment, and equally satisfying to learn new hard and soft skills in the office that I can expand upon after this program. From the extensive orientation, to the Intern Fun Day, and through all the work days in-between, this experience was as good as it gets. From day one, we were told that we would be contributing to our teams in meaningful ways, and they meant it. The second day of the program, my manager informed me that I would be working under another manager in the Enterprise Risk Management division because he needed more help on his team. Of course I could have kept working under my assigned manager and had fairly relaxed work days, but I came to Fannie Mae to fully immerse myself and support my team in any way that I can.

From my experience here, Interns do not do ‘busy work,’ but work that actually makes a difference. The most rewarding aspect of this internship is seeing my work contribute to that of my co-workers. For instance, I conducted research that is currently being used by directors and VPs to assist them in implementing a new system in ERM, and generate weekly reports for senior management. I was also fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to work with other teams to broaden my exposure to ERM. While I have only dipped my toe into the water, it has been invaluable to see how independent teams work together to create a cohesive, successful ERM division. I am looking forward to this upcoming school year so that next summer, I can hopefully return as an even stronger asset to the company.”

–Bruno, University of Maryland – Enterprise Risk Management Intern 

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - Nicole“My name is Nicole Bruner, and this is my second summer interning at Fannie Mae.  I’ve worked in Project Execution Services and Multifamily Technology, and I have learned a lot from my time in both groups.  Something that has really stood out to me is how fast the company makes changes, and how fluidly we integrate the changes into our environment.  I’ve also seen how the Technology and Business sides of Fannie Mae are interlinked so that both sides respond to each other’s changes, and thus foster an environment of continuous improvement.  I feel that this intern program has exposed me to all aspects of this company’s achievements and future goals, which has reinforced how we strive to continue to operate under the pillars of transparency and unity.”

–Nicole, Virginia Tech – Multifamily Technology Intern 

We truly enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know these awesome students, and wish them the best of luck in their career endeavors!

If you’d like to see more from their experience, check out this Twitter moment we created on our Fannie Mae Careers page. We’ll be on campuses this fall, sharing information about our internships and entry level opportunities. Find out if we’ll be visiting your college or university, and learn more about our programs by visiting the University Recruiting section of our careers website.