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Creating a Memorable Summer for Our 2018 Interns - Part 1

by Cat Johnson, Campus Recruiting Project Analyst

Cat JohnsonEnsuring our interns truly experience the culture and career opportunities available at Fannie Mae is important to us. Thus, interns are invited to engage with senior executives, participate in speaker series to learn more about the company and our lines of business, network with other interns and associates, and participate in volunteer opportunities. More, they’re encouraged to bring their fresh perspective and energy into meetings and their assignments.

Each year, we ask our interns to share stories about how they spent their summer. Read about some of the roles and adventures that they experienced during their ten week internships.

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - JasmineMy experience interning with Fannie Mae this summer has been an enriching one, to say the least. As an Accounting and Marketing double major, having the opportunity to explore a career outside of my major has been one of the most impactful contributions to my professional development. I had the opportunity to intern with the National Customer Delivery and Service Team, where I not only learned but practiced the role of a project manager. I appreciated the fact that each day brought a new challenge from which I was able to learn and grow. I was given an adequate amount of guidance, while still being able to add my unique value to the company. It felt great to be trusted with meaningful tasks that would impact the company. I had a chance to trail blaze the production of the team’s external SharePoint site, design a new hire slide deck for each of the four departments within the Single-Family business, and communicate with all levels of management. Working with different departments enabled me to see how each group works together to create a successful National Customer Delivery and Service Team.

The people at Fannie Mae provided me with so much warmth, and a wealth of knowledge. Everyone on my team was focused on my all around growth and development. What I valued the most this summer was my manager's emphasis on helping me overcome my fear of public speaking. By the end of my time here, my intern presentation team and I had been afforded the opportunity to present about our internship experience in front of top executives! Needless to say, my experience in Fannie Mae's intern program has been invaluable, and I would not change a thing about my summer.

 - Jasmine Jeter, Project Management Intern (Single-Family)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - JohnMy intern experience at Fannie Mae was a great learning opportunity that I will take back with me in my final year at Virginia Tech. I felt like I was doing work that was actually benefiting the company, and never felt like I was getting work pushed on me that was just to keep me busy. Not only did I feel like I was doing beneficial work for the company, but it was also very beneficial for myself. I got to manage two Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) deals this summer, and while it was challenging, I learned so much while getting valuable experience. While working with the Structured Transactions team in Capital Markets I learned great skills like working with strict deadlines and managing many working parties simultaneously. Our team is a very tight knit group, and they made me feel welcome right from the start. From my manager, to the members of my team, to the VP of our team – everyone was willing to help me at the drop of a hat, whenever I needed it. I learned so much from them and everyone else that I got the chance to talk to at Fannie Mae, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity for this amazing experience.

 - John Gutermuth, Structured Transactions Interns (Single-Family)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - AmritI am currently a senior, majoring in Healthcare Management at The University of Texas at Dallas. My summer internship experience has been more than I expected. Coming from a healthcare background I was slightly apprehensive about entering corporate America – my expectations were skewed by the media. I thought that a large, corporate company would be cold, unfriendly and callous. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my coworkers were willing to include me in on meetings, explain processes to me until I understood, and even refer to me by my real name and not as "the intern." Through the help of my mentors, teammates, and fellow interns I have had the opportunity to understand Fannie Mae better, develop my professional skills, and expand my network. I was always encouraged to ask "why," and that simple word is how I better understood the processes and procedures of such a huge corporation. As my internship comes to an end, I would like to thank Elonda, the VP for Single-Family Credit Operations, for allowing me to be a part of her team this summer, and my manager, Ely, for ensuring my success during my ten week journey.

 - Amrit Jassar, Loss Mitigation Intern, Credit Operations (Single-Family)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - KyleMy internship experience at Fannie Mae can be summed up in two words: worth it. As a senior, majoring in Finance with minors in Entrepreneurship and Internal Auditing, being invited to come to the heart of DC, and get hands-on experience at a major company and do degree-relevant work for the summer isn't an opportunity that comes along often. Once I found out that we would get to work out of the brand-new facilities at Midtown Center, I couldn't pack my bags fast enough.

After a week or two of orientation and onboarding, I was immediately given tasks that would have been entrusted to full-time staff. The work that I performed as an intern isn't your typical "intern work." I gained experience in control testing and audit walk-throughs, I sat in on meetings where my inputs were valued and taken into account by managers and directors, and I was even given the opportunity to help pilot an artificial intelligence/machine learning tool with my audit team. With every task you are given here, you have the opportunity to prove yourself and really add value to the team that you are working with. At the same time, everyone that I had the privilege of working with was more than willing to answer any questions that I had, assist me with performing tasks that I felt unsure about, and they all made a noticeable effort to get to know me and field any questions that I had about my future career opportunities with Fannie Mae.

The absolute best thing about working here over the summer though, was the people. You will meet brilliant people from every walk of life at this company and you can tell that they come in to work each day motivated, wanting to give their very best to do their part to make Fannie Mae the leading company in this industry. This company wouldn’t be what it is without its employees, and you can tell that Fannie Mae tries to make each and every employee feel valued, even us interns. Exposure to upper-management of the company is unparalleled as an intern, and you will have the opportunity to pick the brains of the top executives of the company along with numerous one-on-one meetings with your respective manager for anything from just catching up or talking about your potential career paths.

(Oh yeah, I didn't mention the countless networking events, intern trivia, team-building exercises, friendships with fellow interns, professional training sessions, or limitless free espresso because then I would need another blog post!)"

 - Kyle Mancuso, Auditing Intern, (Internal Audit)

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - LaurenWhy is interning so important? Several students, including myself, have asked this question while pursuing our degrees. This summer I have been interning at Fannie Mae in the Capital Markets Division. I have been training to be a Scrum Master and learning about Agile Development, Scrum, and Kanban. My experiences at Fannie Mae have given me insight not available in a textbook or classroom. You can read a book and learn all the terminology and rules of Agile Development, but actually experiencing how a team functions really immerses you into Agile culture. I was able to see how the team works and how much of an impact the Scrum Master can have on the team's efficiency. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, while also being able to add value to my team. In addition to the great hands on experience, I was able to experience working in a professional environment. I was able to communicate with and collaborate with business professionals who acted as mentors to me. They taught me so much about Agile but also gave me knowledge about the business world in general that I will carry with me forever. My experiences have helped me grow academically, professionally, and personally and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work at Fannie Mae this summer!

 - Lauren Carey, Scrum Master Intern (Single-Family)

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