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2019 Summer Interns Part One - Fannie Mae Careers

Each summer, interns from across the country arrive at Fannie Mae to obtain real-world experience in the business environment. What they bring to the table and the company is truly valued and we are honored to be a starting point for these aspiring professionals, whether they land careers in the mortgage finance industry or in any other sector.

Here are testimonials and experiences of a few the interns who contributed so much to Fannie Mae during the summer of 2019. Click here for the related post in part two.

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - SarahMy name is Sarah Lachman and I am a rising senior at Virginia Tech majoring in Business Information Technology. Before coming to Fannie Mae, I had already heard great things about their summer internship program, as they have a large presence at my school. This immediately prompted me to fill out my Fannie Mae application first out of any other company. Now, I am nearing the end of my second summer interning at Fannie Mae and I could not be happier with my experiences.

During the summer of 2018, I was placed with the Sustainable Communities Partnership and Innovation team where I identified innovative solutions to address the affordable housing crisis. During my internship, I told my manager that I was very passionate about diversity in the workplace. Following this meeting, she organized a project for me to work on with the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI). I met with one of the members on the OMWI team to discuss how my skillset aligned with some of the tasks they needed help completing. We agreed that . It was amazing to be a part of a company that allowed me to work on these initiatives that I am so passionate about. I was able to see how much of a priority diversity and inclusion and affordable housing are to Fannie Mae, and gain hands-on experience working on initiatives that furthered our leadership in the industry.

This summer I was placed on the Business Architecture Team and have developed many technical skills that relate closely to my major. I have learned so many new tools that have expanded my interest in information technology. Specifically, I've used many new advanced excel tools and learned a lot about business process modeling. However, the biggest change this summer has been the move to the Midtown Center office. Midtown's open environment encourages a much more collaborative nature. It is much easier to hold more synergized meetings and form closer relationships with my colleagues.

During both of my summers as an intern at Fannie Mae, I have been a part of the Future Housing Leaders Program. This program helps introduce young, diverse, college students to paid internship and entry-level careers with top employers in the housing industry who are dedicated to diversity and inclusion. I had very little knowledge of Fannie Mae and the housing industry as a whole prior to the start of my internship, so this program has helped me learn even more through the speaker events and learning modules. The program has also provided me the opportunity to connect with more of my fellow interns.

I am asked a lot why I chose to return to Fannie Mae, and the answer is honestly the people. Everyone I've met at Fannie Mae has made me feel so welcomed. I have been able to meet with many people in different roles and leadership levels, all of which are eager to help me further develop my professional skills and pursue my passions. I truly feel that Fannie Mae cares about my interests and wants to help me become a successful young adult.

Fannie Mae Summer Intern - MarcusMy name is Marcus Raboy and as a rising senior at the University of Virginia where I am pursuing a degree in economics, I was originally drawn to Fannie Mae's Summer Internship Program by a friend who had worked there previously and loved his experience. As I began to research more about the company, I realized just how instrumental the company has been to the U.S. mortgage industry, as well as their impact on the global economy. After gaining a better understanding of the company and successfully completing the interview process, I knew it was the place I wanted to spend my summer.

As an economics major, a lot of what I have taken from the classroom relates to real world issues. However, while working on the Operations Strategy team at Fannie ‘s Midtown Center office, I was thrust into an extremely fast-paced environment where the problems we worked to solve were as tangible as they come. My team is unique to the Operations Office due to our focus on strategic planning and execution. Throughout this summer, I had the opportunity to develop my project management acumen and skillsets, which can be seen throughout my personal project and the work I accomplished.

Early in the project I began by developing an action plan to help solve an on-going issue my team had been facing. The team lacked a standardized process for tracking and analyzing customer requests that came in on a regular basis. I was able to do this by leveraging Fannie Mae's lean management system, WoW. The WoW system, which stands for "Way of Working", was key in directing the way I set up, examined and eventually solved the problem for my project. To successfully address this issue, I knew I would have to develop strong communication and time management skills in a true business environment where my efforts had a direct impact on the day-to-day work my team produced.

As a result, I supported the team in developing their individual Service Level Agreements (SLAs), established a system to track the adherence to each SLA, and enabled them with the data to identify the core areas they can improve upon going forward as it pertains to customer service.

Looking back on my time as a Fannie Mae intern, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was in a new city, surrounded by new people, at a company that I wanted nothing more than to contribute to. Never in my life was I given this combination of guidance and independence to thrive in a project that I could call my own. The opportunity to lead a project which impacted the work of my team was an experience I will never forget.

I would recommend a summer internship at Fannie Mae to anyone interested in making true contributions to a company and where your opinion is not only valued but encouraged. There is certainly no better way to gain hands-on business experience than in an internship such as this, and I know that my newfound knowledge will be a great benefit in my future endeavors.

Fannie Mae Intern Marcus Raboy and team