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Preserving Affordable Housing

With affordable housing demand outpacing new construction nationwide, and a trend toward gentrification in many areas, it is essential to preserve existing lower-cost properties by investing in efficiency, resiliency, and rehabilitation–and by pursuing alternatives to their replacement or conversion to higher cost units.

Together we can help residents sustain affordable ownership and rental options in today’s market by keeping established properties viable and available.

What We're Doing

As part of our Duty to Serve plans and in support of our affordable housing mission, we’re moving forward with new approaches to improving and preserving affordable homes in a challenging market.

Single-Family Housing

Shared equity

Working to increase liquidity for shared equity models such as community land trusts and resale restricted properties

Property improvements

Increasing financing options for energy and water efficiency and rehabilitation of distressed single-family properties

Consumer education

Educating borrowers about energy efficiency and lowering costs on

Multifamily Housing

Federal programs

Exploring preservation strategies and purchasing loans under a number of existing federal programs

Workforce housing

Increasing our support for state and local workforce housing initiatives

Multifamily improvements and standards

Financing energy and water efficiency for multifamily properties and convening the industry to standardize multifamily energy efficiency lending

Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis through Preservation