Fannie Mae conducts and shares various types of research to help industry partners and market participants target our collective efforts to support the housing recovery.

Consumer Research & Analysis

Featured Consumer Research & Analyses

Fannie Mae conducts and shares various types of research using our primary consumer data collected through the National Housing Survey and other methods to help support the housing market and lay the foundation for a better housing finance system.

Why Haven't Nearly Half of Mortgage Borrowers Refinanced?
February 6, 2014
In this study, data from Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey provide insights into mortgage borrowers’ past refinancing behavior and future refinancing intent.
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Technology Use in Mortgage Shopping: Practices and Opportunities
January 2, 2014
This study was highlighted in a feature article by Steve Deggendorf in the March 2014 issue of the MBA's Mortgage Banking Magazine

Data from Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey on mortgage shopping behaviors suggest that using online tools could help mortgage borrowers obtain better outcomes -- including lower costs, fewer surprises at the loan closing table, and higher long-term satisfaction with their choices -- by improving their understanding of mortgage terms and costs and enhancing their ability to make simultaneous comparisons of loan terms from multiple lenders.
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Delinquent Mortgage Borrowers Grow More Favorable Toward Homeownership
October 2013
In this study, data from Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey show that delinquent mortgage borrowers' attitudes toward the housing market have become more favorable in 2013 compared to 2012, with the majority believing in the benefits of homeownership.
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Hispanics Are More Likely to Expect to Buy a Home in Three Years, Despite Mortgage Concerns
October 2013
The research in this study investigates attitudes toward homeownership and getting a mortgage, as well as expectations for future homeownership, among the country’s fastest growing population.
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Renters Are Satisfied, but Continuing to Reach for Homeownership
May 2013
This study provides insights into whether current renters, particularly those in the younger generation, aspire to become homeowners and when they expect to achieve the goal of homeownership.
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