Fannie Mae conducts and shares various types of research to help industry partners and market participants target our collective efforts to support the housing recovery.

Consumer Research & Analysis

Featured Consumer Research & Analyses

Fannie Mae conducts and shares various types of research using our primary consumer data collected through the National Housing Survey and other methods to help support the housing market and lay the foundation for a better housing finance system.

Millennials Look to Income Improvements as Key to Unlocking Homeownership
August 21, 2015
In this study, Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research Group analyzes data from the National Housing Survey to explore whether Millennials prefer the flexibility of renting and are less interested in homeownership than previous generations. Additionally, among young adults who do plan to buy a home in the future, the study examines the reasons cited for not yet pursuing those aspirations. The implications are worth considering given Millennials' potential to generate significant homeownership demand.
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Invisible Equity: Do Homeowners See How Much Home Equity They Are Sitting On?
August 3, 2015
The housing market recovery over the past few years has been even more halting than the economic recovery. According to Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research (ESR) Group, this is likely due to tepid household income growth weighing down housing markets. Now, a new analysis identifies an additional factor that may be weighing on housing: Homeowners are underestimating their home equity. Using data from Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey (NHS), the ESR Group examines how a widespread “negative perception gap” or “appreciation gap” may be suppressing housing and mortgage market activity by inhibiting many interested homeowners from purchasing another home or from moving to advance their job and career prospects.
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What is the Mortgage Shopping Experience of Today's Homebuyer? Lessons from recent Fannie Mae acquisitions
April 13, 2015

Using data from Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey, this study examines borrowers' shopping behavior and experiences when trying to obtain a mortgage. While getting a mortgage is a complex process for prospective homebuyers, research and consumer guidance suggest that obtaining multiple mortgage quotes and being better informed may help borrowers get a mortgage with a better set of financial terms.
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Why are Young Adults Living with Their Parents and When Will They Move Out?
July 29, 2014
In this study, data from Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey examine the reasons why young adult children are living with their parents. The increase in adult children living with their parents has raised important questions regarding household formation and its impact on owning, renting, and the demand for new housing construction.
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Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) Conducts Own-Rent Decision Research Using Fannie Mae National Housing Survey Data
May 2014
In May 2014, the Harvard University JCHS published a research paper that analyzes the role behavioral factors play in individual decisions about owning and renting a home in the United States. To produce the paper, the author leveraged data from Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey and was assisted by the company's Economic & Strategic Research Group.
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