Excess Servicing SMBS Collateral Report

Excess Servicing SMBS Collateral Report

The following files contain aggregated loan level data (rolled up at the Super-loan* level) backing our Excess Servicing SMBS deals. The data is sorted by strip number and by pseudopool. Pseudopools are groups of loans with similar payment characteristics. Each Excess Servicing SMBS class has one pseudopool.

These files do not include column headings so that users can download the data directly into their systems.

The Excess Servicing SMBS Collateral Report is presented as a zipped text-formatted file (.TXT). The column heading information is available on the file layout (PDF).

*A Super-loan is data aggregated from a set of loans in an Excess Servicing Fee deals that belong to the same pseudopool and have similar characteristics.  


Page originally published: 05/11/13

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