Multifamily DUS Prepayment History Report

Multifamily DUS Prepayment History Report

Fannie Mae is publishing this report in an effort to increase transparency related to prepayment activity of its DUS® loans. This enhanced disclosure will expand the scope of our prepayment information to include DUS fixed-rate MBS and whole loans with yield maintenance terms ending six months prior to maturity.

Multifamily DUS Prepayment History Report Q3 2015 (.xls)

The report includes a view of prepayment activity by original balance and loan count presented in several different data categories. The report shows active loans and liquidated loans acquired from January 2000 to the stated calendar quarter for each given category. It also includes the type of prepayment, including voluntary and involuntary prepayment, as well as loans that have paid at maturity. The data categories are as follows:

  • Origination Vintage
  • Loan Term at Origination
  • Loan Size at Origination
  • Original Loan-to-Value
  • Geographic Region – Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and West
  • Multifamily Asset Class – Conventional/Coop/Affordable, Seniors, Dedicated Student, and Manufactured Housing

Investor Benefit

Investors, researchers, and other market participants can use this information to analyze the performance of Multifamily MBS and whole loans including prepayment behavior, credit performance, and other multifamily market trends to determine some of the risks associated with an investment in Multifamily MBS. This gives investors valuable insight into the credit performance of the Multifamily DUS fixed-rate loan business and may help in analyzing the risks associated with an investment in Multifamily MBS.

Publication Frequency

This publication is updated approximately 90 days after each calendar quarter. For example, performance statistics will be published for the first quarter 2014 approximately by the end of the second quarter of 2014. Prepayments that occur after quarter end, and before the report is posted, will be reflected in the next quarterly report.

Additional Information

Please read our Multifamily MBS Prospectus for a detailed description of our Multifamily MBS. For information about a specific MBS, please read both the Multifamily MBS Prospectus and the related Prospectus Supplement including the Schedule of Pool and Loan Information for that security. You can locate the Prospectus Supplement for a specific MBS by entering its pool number or CUSIP number in our Multifamily Securities Locator Service. The Multifamily Securities Locator Service also provides additional detailed information about the composition and performance of our Multifamily MBS.


For more information regarding this report, please review the related MBSenger or contact the Fannie Mae Fixed-Income Securities Helpline at 1-800-237-8627 or online.