Suppliers FAQs

Supplier FAQs

Who may register?
Suppliers who meet the Fannie Mae minimum supplier qualifications and provide commodities listed on the products and services (PDF) list may register.

How can I register my business with Fannie Mae?
See the Fannie Mae supplier registration instructions to register your business.

What are the benefits of registering with the Fannie Mae supplier database?
The database serves as the repository for prospective supplier registration data. Registration provides you the opportunity to present your company's information to prospective buyers in Fannie Mae. The database will be used to invite suppliers to participate in procurement opportunities when appropriate.

What is a DUNS ID and how do I get one?
Visit the Dun and Bradstreet website at for more information on obtaining a DUNS ID.

What is a Federal Tax ID?
Visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury/IRS website at for information on Federal Tax IDs.

Once I register, am I on the approved supplier/service provider list?
No, but if you sell what we buy, or provide services that we need, your company may be invited to participate in future sourcing events. Registration does not commit Fannie Mae to a relationship with your company.

What is the purpose of the Fannie Mae sourcing process?
The sourcing process strives to select suppliers based on competitive bids and qualifications, selecting the best suppliers at the best price.

Does Fannie Mae contract with diverse suppliers?
Yes. In reviewing and evaluating supplier responses to Requests for Proposals, Fannie Mae will seek the most qualified bidder considering, among other things, the diversity of the bidder as a component in the process.