FM Commentary

FM Commentary
July 29, 2014

Why Are Young Adults Living with Their Parents and When Will They Move Out?

by Stephanie Postles
Strategic Planning Analyst, Economic and Strategic Research

The increase in adult children living with their parents has raised important questions regarding household formation and its impact on owning, renting, and the demand for new housing construction.

In the latest National Housing Survey Topic Analysis, Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research Group examines the reasons why young adult children are living with their parents. ...Read more »

June 23, 2014

Mortgage Rates and the Housing Recovery – A Year Later

by Mark Palim
Vice President, Economic and Strategic Research

It has been a year since mortgage rates reached a post-crisis low of 3.35 percent at the beginning of May 2013. Mortgage rates then rose steadily through the summer of 2013, reaching 4.57 percent in September 2013. More recently, rates have oscillated in a relatively narrow range down to 4.10 percent.

In July 2013, we wrote an FM Commentary about the impact of rising mortgage rates on the housing recovery. Were we right in our July 2013 assessment? ...Read more »

June 12, 2014

Are Aging Baby Boomers Abandoning the Single-Family Nest?

by Patrick Simmons
Director, Strategic Planning, Economic and Strategic Research
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May 9, 2014

Fannie Mae Reports First Quarter 2014 Financial Results

by Tim Mayopoulos
President and CEO, Fannie Mae
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May 6, 2014

What Younger Renters Want and the Financial Constraints They See

by Sarah Shahdad
Strategic Planning Analyst, Economic and Strategic Research
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December 23, 2013

Research Papers Analyze Key Aspects of Multifamily Mortgage Market

by Jeffery Hayward
Senior Vice President, Multifamily Mortgage Business
December 9, 2013

An Uneven Recovery in Household Wealth

by Doug Duncan
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist
December 5, 2013

Deconsolidation in the Primary Mortgage Market: A Temporary or Structural Trend?

by Gerry Flood
Director, Strategic Planning, Economic & Strategic Research
November 26, 2013

ELMORE Assists Struggling Florida Homeowners with their Reverse Mortgages

by Joy Cianci
Senior Vice President of Making Home Affordable® and Foreclosure Prevention
November 27, 2012

Mortgage Borrowers May Be Leaving Money on the Table by Using Less Effective Mortgage Shopping Strategies

by Steve Deggendorf
Director, Economic & Strategic Research
November 15, 2012

Rental Resurgence Marked by Single-Family Expansion and Diverging Affordability Trends for Owners and Renters

by Patrick Simmons
Director, Strategic Planning for Economic & Strategic Research Group
November 9, 2012

Fannie Mae Supports Our Military

by Bill Cleary
Vice President for Credit Portfolio Strategies
November 7, 2012

Helping the Homeless in Communities Across the Country

by Rosie Allen Herring
Community Investments & Engagement