Research Papers Analyze Key Aspects of Multifamily Mortgage Market

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Research Papers Analyze Key Aspects of Multifamily Mortgage Market

Jeffery HaywardIn October 2012 and May 2013, I introduced the first two research papers in a series that analyzes key aspects of the multifamily housing market: Energy Efficiency and its Relationship to Household Income in Multifamily Rental Housing and The Effect of Transportation, Location, and Affordability Related Sustainability Features on Mortgage Default Prediction and Risk in Multifamily Rental Housing.

Fannie Mae engaged Hoyt Advisory Services (HAS) to conduct research on the multifamily housing market and document their findings. Today, we are publishing three additional papers in this series: 

The Definition of Affordable Housing: Concerns and Related Evidence – evaluates three critiques of the 30 percent of income criteria typically used to define housing affordability. [Written by Dr. Gary Pivo, Professor of Urban Planning and Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona.]

Walk Score and Multifamily Default: The Significance of 8 and 80 – examines the relationship between Walk Score, a widely available indicator of walkability, and mortgage default risk in multifamily rental housing. [Written by Dr. Gary Pivo.]

Toward an Understanding of Fannie Mae’s Penetration of the Multifamily Housing Finance Market – provides a framework for assessing and explaining Fannie Mae’s penetration in the multifamily housing market with a focus on the small loan segment. [Written by Wayne R. Archer and David C. Ling, Department of Finance and Real Estate, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida.]

Please click on the links above to read the full papers.

Jeffery Hayward
Senior Vice President
Multifamily Mortgage Business

December 23, 2013 

The views expressed in these research papers reflect the personal views of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of any other person, including Fannie Mae or its Conservator. Any figures or estimates included in a paper are solely the responsibility of the authors.

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