Corporate Governance Guidelines

Corporate Governance Guidelines

These Corporate Governance Guidelines have been developed by Fannie Mae's Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee and formally adopted by the Board. The Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee reviews the guidelines at least annually and recommends changes to the Board as appropriate.

Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF)

The Corporate Governance Guidelines' content categories are:

  • The Roles and Responsibilities of the Board and Management 
  • The Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • Board Composition, Size, and Membership Criteria
  • Director Independence
  • Board Leadership
  • Board Meetings
  • Minutes
  • Board Materials
  • Committees
  • Director Access to Management and Outside Advisors
  • Communications with the Board
  • Director Compensation
  • Director Orientation and Continuing Education
  • Board Performance Evaluation
  • Management Evaluation and Succession
  • Compliance; Codes of Conduct
  • Implementation of the Guidelines


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