My Experience with Fannie Mae

My Experience with Fannie Mae

While everyone’s work experience is different at Fannie Mae, there are many commonalities. Career opportunities, business challenges, and training often top the list. See what current Fannie Mae employees have to say.

Jae, Financial Analyst, Accounting Operations | University of Maryland
I double majored in Finance and Accounting, so I wanted to start my career in a place where I could be exposed to both. I chose the Associates Program because it provides great learning and career opportunities in both areas.

Celeste, Intern, Business Analysis & Decisions | George Washington University
While the learning curve is almost vertical at Fannie Mae, there are innumerable resources available to help analysts succeed. As a new employee, my greatest asset is my network of peers. My coworkers come from myriad backgrounds, be it a Ph.D. in Mathematics or a B.A. in Political Science, but all share an intellectual curiosity, a proclivity to help others, and an innate brilliance.

Azanaw, Intern, Business Analysis & Decisions | Georgetown University
As a participant in the Research Analyst Training Program, my experience at Fannie Mae – from the recruiting process until now – has been amazing. The interview process and the New Employee Orientation were welcoming, making the whole experience far more appealing than other interview settings that I had taken part in. In addition to learning about SAS Programming, the training program is designed to help us have as much exposure as possible to the different groups in Fannie Mae. We were also assigned mentors to facilitate our learning progress in all aspects of the training program. My experience in the training program has certainly been worthwhile. It is a great venue for future full-time employment opportunities at Fannie Mae.

Will, Analyst, Mortgage Operations | University of Maryland
The best thing about being able to participate in the Operations and Technology Analyst Program right out of college is your virtually unlimited exposure to the mortgage finance industry. Entering an industry you may not be completely familiar with can present challenges; however, entering at a young age with the guidance of established veterans has been extremely valuable for me. In my short time here, I have already worked with analysts, associates, and VPs in a wide range of divisions from Capital Markets to Legal. I am learning something new every day.